Theros Beyond Death Collectors Booster Box

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    The Collector Booster gives players immediate access to the coolest, most desirable cards from Theros Beyond Death. Each Collector Booster is packed with the set's most exciting offerings. It’s a supercharged booster experience.

    There are fifteen cards plus a foil token in each Collector Booster found in eight "slots" in the booster. The slots are as follows:

    • Two premium foil basic Nyx Lands. Every Collector Booster comes with two foil versions of these sweet lands.
    • Eight premium foil common, uncommon, or non-Nyx basic lands.
    • One ancillary card—each booster will contain one card from a Theros Beyond Death ancillary release. (Planeswalker Decks, Theme Boosters, and the Buy-a-Box promo pack)
    • One non-foil rare or mythic with the extended-art frame—these have extended art across the borders.
    • One premium foil rare or mythic rare—these can be either standard-frame or foil versions of the Collector Booster frame.
    • One non-foil Saga or constellation showcase-frame card—these can be uncommon, rare, or mythic rare and can include the borderless planeswalkers.
    • One foil constellation showcase-frame card—this slot will have one of the five uncommon showcase demigods, one of the six showcase rares, or one of the three borderless planeswalkers.
    • One premium foil token from Theros Beyond Death.

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